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Earth Floors

Reduce your environmental footprint one step at a time with a premium earth floor provided by Plasterartisan. We install floors with natural materials that are safe for the planet, easy on your wallet, and good for your feet.

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Environmentally Friendly Flooring Solutions

At Plasterartisan, we care deeply about the environment and our responsibility to protect it. We’ve set out to revolutionize the local flooring industry with an all-natural, radical new product: earthen floors.

The energy that goes into standard flooring fabrication and installation is devastating to our planet. Earth floors, however, are a chemical-free, natural alternative that is minimally energy-intensive to manufacture, install, and maintain. Plus, the application is more diverse than you might think. Suitable for homes and businesses alike, anyone looking to reduce their environmental impact (and save money at the same time) will love our product inventory. As a company, we frequently partner with designers, contractors, and individuals to develop and install earthen floors in indoor spaces all over town—and your property could be next.

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Top-Grade Natural Flooring

Our earthen floors are proudly natural. But don’t get it wrong—natural is tough as nails. Our floors are mixed with the best organic materials available into a winning, durable solution that’s built to last hard use and heavy traffic. A perfect combination of high-quality clay, sand, natural fibers, and drying oils, these hardwearing floors will last a lifetime.

That’s not all. Our floors pack a punch in visual appeal, too. Our skilled installers can carefully craft our earth mixtures into virtually any aesthetic under the sun. For instance, our most popular clay colors range from deep reds to dark yellows to rich browns. We can even inlay decorative patterns and designs by embedding tiles, stones, or even wood.

Match your floor to your home décor. Your options are limited only by your imagination.

Affordable Earthen Floor Installation

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Our clients love the cost savings of our earthen, clay floors. Earthen floors are an economical alternative to standard flooring materials, such as concrete and tile. But don’t just take our word for it—we’ll prove it to you with a quote!

Schedule a consultation with our contractors, and we’ll meet with you on-site to measure the square footage of your rooms and go over your earthen floor product options with you. From there, we’ll put together a no-obligation quote for your consideration.

By the way, our quotes are full cost breakdowns. We’ll outline all our material and labor fees so you can see every expense upfront.

Fully transparent is just the way we like to do business.

Install a Natural Floor

Plasterartisan is at your service for affordable, long-lasting earth floor installation. Take one look—and step one foot—on our floors, and you’ll see and feel why our natural flooring solutions are taking the local industry by storm.

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