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   Plaster Artisan specializes in plaster and stucco render for walls and ceilings, inside and out. We are here to make your new or old world plaster finishes on your custom home or business become a reality. We work with all the elements of render possibilities.     

   Whether it's be lime, gypsum, portland, clay, or synthetic plaster.  We look forward to working on your project, because every project is a work of art.

   Since time immemorial humanity has built shelter from the elements to protect themselves from adverse weather conditions.  Usually these buildings were constructed of many different material components.  That it is where plaster and stucco renders came in to complete the finish, to make a whole monolithic envelope that protects the integral structure from the elements, the monolithic appearance of the structure would make it appear as if it were dropped out of the sky. These renders also enhance the comfort and beauty of a living space. With the addition of pigments, more choices for decorating were possible. Whether it be plain white or earth tones, the seamless textured or smooth walls allowed for easy cleaning and keeping pest out of living spaces. 

  We are based out of of Paonia Colorado, and do plaster installations all over the western slope and abroad. Welcome, and be sure to check out the photo gallery’s.

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