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   Lime stucco and plaster renders have a magical quality, in that as it ages it take on a  patina or changes color subtly .Lime can have soft satin sheen, or to a polished high gloss. Lime has a translucent quality,softer then portland cement stucco therefor is less prone to crack. Lime also has a disinfecting quality that resist mildew.
     Lime is more vapor permeable then cement finishes. Traditional three coat (3/4 thick) lime renders takes longer to install then other renders, because of the need to let lime carbonate between coats. Veneer lime plasters over sheetrock for example, can be installed quickly, because they are installed in very thin coats.

    Lime can  be used inside or outside,in fact can be used in showers, there it is water proofed with the use of soap and   a polishing stone. There is a finish from Morocco called Tadelakt that is used for showers. Marmorino is another lime finish that is from Italy, is also known by the generic name venetian plaster. I like working with various lime materials such as revesto, oliveti, st asteir ,lime hydrate tadelakt american clay lime products.

 Clay plaster renders are probability the most used material  around the world  to build and render homes. It is cheap and readily available. From mud huts to ten story buildings in Yemen, clay has sheltered a lot of people. Clay has good vapor permeability ,in rainy climates has to be protected from the elements. For interior plaster, clay has good acoustic properties, it doesn't reflect sound as readily as other hard finishes, therefor making the home cozy and quiet. American Clay finish is a great product that can be used on drywall or traditional plaster applications. I also, make my own clay plaster finishes.

   Gypsum plaster renders are the modern work horse of plaster renders. Gypsum plaster can set in five hours or five minutes! The fast setting properties of gypsum allow for quicker installation then with lime or clay .Vapor permeability is less then lime or clay. Gauging plaster is a combination of gypsum and lime to form a finish that is both durable and has a shiny glass like surface. I like to use United States Gypsum brand Diamond finish or National Gypsums brand Multi-Kote .Both these products are versatile in how they can be finished., such as adding sand to them to give them more of exterior stucco look. I also have used just gypsum and sand ,troweled to a smooth matte surface.

 Portland stucco renders are  another modern work horse of renders. It sets up fast. Is very durable , holds up to the elements. Vapor permeability is low. Prone to cracking if building moves or settles over time. I like working with La Habra or El Ray  cement stucco finishes. I also use Milestone hybridized portland cement for showers.

  Synthetic stucco ,acrylic or elastomeric was developed in Germany in the 50s to retrofit old buildings. Known as EIFS this allowed foam board to be placed over the skin of building, and then thin coats of synthetic stucco applied over the foam. There by insulting and making the building more energy efficient .I like to use Sto stucco

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